How To Clean Uggs Without Cleaner

how to clean uggs without cleaner

If you bought your uggs in the store the salesperson probably tried to pursued you into buying the official ugg cleaner. If you didn’t buy a cleaner for your uggs at the store you might have a problem when your uggs get dirty.

So for the people who don’t have an ugg cleaner at hand or for those who are looking for a cheaper solution on how to clean uggs without cleaner, we wrote this 6-step by step guide. You’ll learn how to turn everyday home products in a cleaning solution for your uggs.

Uggs are comfortable, stylish and very delicate — you’ve got to be very careful when you clean them. Do not use your washing machine and dryer — you’ll destroy your gorgeous uggs. The best and easiest way to keep your uggs clean is by buying the ugg care kit on

Supplies You Need:

Most people have the supplies needed to clean their uggs in their kitchen cabinets. We’ll give them another purpose which will result in you having uggs looking like new again! If you don’t have one of the items on the supply list you’ll can get them in almost every store or you find it at your friend/neighbors/family-members house.

  • Suede brush
  • Sponge
  • Cold, distilled water
  • Bowl
  • White vinegar
  • Soft-bristle toothbrush
  • White paper towels
  • Corn starch and baking soda
  • Talcum powder
  • Fine-grain sandpaper

6 Steps to Clean Your Uggs

  1. First, buy a suede brush for five dollars at a shoe store. Use the brush gently in one direction over the entire surface of both of your uggs to remove any dried dirt and dust.
  2. Use a sponge to dab the entire boot surface with cold distilled water — don’t soak the surface, just dampen it.
  3. Mix, in a bowl, one cup each of cold distilled water and white vinegar. Use a new sponge to apply this cleaning mixture sparingly to the boot from top to bottom, scrubbing gently in small circles. Keep squeezing out the sponge and soaking it with more cleaner. If the water/vinegar mix starts getting gunky, toss out and make a new batch. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush soaked in the cleaning mixture to scrub the crack between the boot and the sole.
  4. Rinse off your uggs. Use a fresh sponge and lots of cold distilled water. Wipe the boots down from top to bottom, soaking up the cleaning mixture still on the boot. Keep rinsing and wringing the sponge so that you’re not just spreading the dirt around.
  5. Dry and shape your uggs by stuffing them with white paper towels. Do not use newspaper — the ink will transfer to the interior of the boot. Do not put the boots in sunlight or near a fire or radiator to dry — the strong heat may pucker and crack the boot’s surface. The next day, take out the paper and slide them on — the boots will feel a bit tight, but that’s natural. Normal wear will stretch the boots out to a comfortable fit.
  6. As long as you’re wearing your uggs, get out that suede brush to restore the nap. Again, brush each boot in one direction from top to bottom with short gentle strokes.

How to Clean Uggs Without Cleaner Video

In this video from you’ll discover how easy it is to clean your uggs without the use of an ugg cleaner.

Deodorize Your Uggs

Deodorizing your uggs is also something you can do after each cleaning. After the boots are dry and fit normally shake a few teaspoons of corn starch and baking soda (mixed one-to-one) into each boot, before you put them in the closet. Put some music on, hold the top of the boot shut and shake, shake, shake. Let the boots sit overnight and pour out the remnants of the deodorizing mixture into the garbage can.

How to Keep Your Uggs Clean

The best way is to not wear them in mud, snow or rainstorms. Water spots can be made less obvious by rubbing suede against suede. Grease spots can be removed by leaving talcum powder on the stain overnight. Stubborn stains and scratches can be removed with a gentle rub of fine-grain sandpaper — yes, a sanded spot will be left, but be creative and make it look like part of the natural pattern.