How To Clean Ugg Boots

how to clean ugg bootsYou’ve bought your ugg boots a couple of months ago and through nature’s elements, ugly stains and spots are now ruining your uggs. In this article you’ll learn how to clean ugg boots.

Why Cleaning Them?

The right of ownership that comes with these fine footwear includes the necessary task of keeping them clean and new looking. Have you ever seen a pair of well-worn, dirty ugg boots? They aren’t a welcoming, “got to have a pair” sight. As a matter of fact, one of the most important “must do” tasks of owning a pair of uggs is making sure they are kept clean and true to their appearance as they were the day they were purchased.

It doesn’t take long for a brand new pair of ugg boots to reach the “must be cleaned stage”. After a couple of weeks/months, they lose that “new look” appearance and knowing how to clean uggs is key. Because most people wear their ugg boots constantly, it is important to find the right products to keep them looking new.

Know Your Fabric

Before cleaning uggs, you must be familiar with the fabric the boots are made of. Each fabric requires slightly different cleaning techniques, which are explained below. Routinely cleaning ugg boots will not only keep them looking new, but will help prolong their life span. Never place uggs in a washing machine, because submerging any fabric used to manufacture the boot will be destroyed. All uggs require special care, and, no matter what the fabric, they must be delicately hand washed.

How to Clean Ugg Boots: 2 Alternative Cleaning Methods

If your budget allows for ugg cleaning products, they are readily available for approximately $20. However; for most, it’s better to find cleaning methods that won’t break the bank, so to speak.

Cleaning Suede Ugg Boots

Clean your Suede uggs using these 10 steps and let them look new again! It will only cost you $23.50.

Supplies You Need:

If you take a good look at the groceries list we’ve put together to clean your ugg boots you’ll notice that you only have to buy 1 or 2 items. Most of these ‘ingredients’ are available in every household!

  • Soft rag or washcloth – $1 to $2
  • Bowl of water
  • Pencil eraser – $1
  • Mild soap $2 to $3
  • Paper towels, (no newspapers) – $1 – $2.50
  • Suede brush (we recommend this one) – $7
  • Water and stain protector (Kiwi Suede Protector, see here) – $5
  • Baking soda – $2

The Steps:

  1. Start your cleaning process by going over water marks or other stains using the eraser.
  2. Using the soft cloth rinsed and wrung out in cool water, go over the suede, making sure you have evenly distributed the moisture to maintain uniformity in the boot color.
  3. Take a penny-sized amount of mild soap and work it into the cloth, which can then be applied evenly over the boots.
  4. Once again, rinse your cloth and go over the boot’s surface.
  5. Using the paper towels, pat the suede dry, making sure all excess water is absorbed.
  6. Let boots sit in an airy spot to dry. DO NOT place boots under any kind of heating element or direct sun.
  7. To maintain the shape of your boots, before drying stuff them with newspaper.
  8. When boots are dry, go over them with a suede brush.
  9. Apply water and stain repellent.
  10. For sweet smelling boots, use a combination of two teaspoons baking soda to two teaspoons of corn flour, gently sprinkle the mixture to the insides of each boot.

Cleaning Your Sheepskin Ugg Boots

cleaning sheepskin bootsSheepskin uggs are beautiful, but the problem is sheepskin is a very delicate material and cleaning them can be a daunting task. However; by following the instructions below, sheepskin Uggs will retain their beauty for a long time.

Supplies You Need:

We used the following list for this how-to guide. You can purchase most products in your local mall or you can get a good deal online!

  • Suede brush (we recommend this one) – $7
  • Vinegar – $2
  • Sponge – $1
  • Distilled water – $2
  • Soft toothbrush – $3

The Steps:

  1. Soak sponge with distilled water and vinegar mixture and evenly distribute the mixture over the sheepskin.
  2. Work the sponge in a circular motion from the top to the bottom of the boots.
  3. Refresh your sponge every so often with cleaning mixture.
  4. If certain areas are particularly stained, use a soft toothbrush with cleaning mixture to go over area.
  5. Rinse boots using fresh sponge and distilled water. Make sure the sponge is wrung out throughly before dabbing the sheepskin clean.
  6. Follow steps 5 through 10 above (cleaning suede uggs).

Cleaning Your Knit Ugg Boots

If you own a pair of knit uggs, following the directions for sheepskin uggs should be just fine. Also check out more information and tips in our how to guide with on how to clean knit uggs.

Keep a Routine

As noted, to keep your uggs looking like new, it is recommended that you follow the cleaning methods mentioned above on a routine basis; preferably at least twice a month, or when the boots look like they need cleaning.

Cleaning Ugg Boots with Ugg Care Kit

The best way to clean your ugg boots is to buy the official Ugg care kit and follow the instructions. We’ve found this kit on for around $20 (see link below). In this video you’ll see a step by step instruction on how to clean ugg boots presented by a lady from The demonstration begins on 2:17, so you can skip forward and get educated!