How To Clean Suede Boots

how to clean suede bootsSuede boots are a favorite type of footwear. Everybody wears them, but have you ever wondered how to clean suede boots when they get dirty? In this article we are going to explain what suede is, what suede cleaners are available and what’s your best buy online. We’ve made a 5 step guide to clean your suede boots as new, you’ll might learn a couple of homemade tips to clean your boots and we’ll end the article with a couple of tips to revive your boots!

What is Suede?

Suede is a type of leather that has a velvety smooth surface. The velvet-like surface is called nap and is made from the flesh side of the leather.

Another type of suede is called nubuck, a mechanically brushed suede made from a full grain piece of leather.

Suede Cleaners

There are several brands of cleaners available to clean suede boots. Here are the three best rated by several customers on
1. McNett ReviveX Nubuck, Suede & Fabric Boot Care Kit. This kit is great for cleaning suede boots. It comes with a broad brush, scuff eraser, cleaner and water repellent agent. The care kit goes for around $16 dollars and received 4 stars (max 5) out of 28 reviews and counting.

2. Nixwax Footwear Care Kit for nap suede and nubuck is another suede boot cleaner. This kit includes a cleaning gel to remove dirt and a water-based waterproofing agent to protect the cleaned boots. This kit is available for around $15 dollar and gets 3,5 stars (max 5) out of 27 reviews.

3. The Ugg Care Kit is perfect for cleaning suede Uggs. This kit includes a brush and a stone to renew the natural luster of the boots, Ugg cleaner & conditioner, Ugg water & stain repellent, and a freshener. Last but not least the Ugg Care Kit goes for around $20 dollars and gets 4 stars out of 40 reviews. Because the users only tried these to clean ugg footwear and we don’t know if the are good for clean all suede footwear we’ve placed this kit third.

Now that you are familiar with the materials to clean suede boots, this article will provide the best way to clean suede boots.

How to Clean Suede Boots

  1. Suede boots are easily stained when they get wet. Make sure the boots are dry before you begin to clean them.
  2. Take the soft nylon brush and brush your boots in all directions to remove the dirt and to pick up the nap. If the stain is hard to remove, you can use the stiff brush and brush the stain until it comes clean. If the boots are made from nubuck, you can use the suede cleaning block or stone, which acts as an eraser to clean the stained area.
  3. After you brush all the sand, salt stains and dirt from your suede or nubuck boots, take the water and stain protector and spray the boots thoroughly.
  4. Let the boots dry overnight or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  5. After the boots are dry, brush them again with the soft brush to make the nap look nice and uniform.
  6. Homemade Tips for Cleaning Suede Boots

    • Did you know you can clean your suede boots with a pencil eraser? If you have a pencil eraser at home, you can rub it on the stained area. First, make sure the stain is dry before you “erase” it. You can brush it afterward to revive the nappy surface.
    • You can also use a damp towel and vinegar to remove stains. When done, air dry the boots to make the scent disappear.
    • A fingernail file can also be used to clean scuff marks on the suede boots. Rub it on the mark. Finally, take suede cleaning brush and brush the boots to bring back the smooth and velvet-like surface of your boots.

Revive Your Suede Boots

Now that you know how to clean your suede boots, it is easy to revive them back to life. If your boots are other than black or brown in color, you need to treat them with a water and stain protector before you wear them. It is hard to clean dirt or stains on bright colored suede boots as compared to a black suede boots.

We’ve updated this text with a video found on, a shoe repair expert gives some great tips on how to clean suede boots and shoes.

In concluding, cleaning suede boots is easy if you use a suede cleaning kit. Below you’ll find the best deal on for the McNett ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit: