How To Clean Sheepskin

how to clean sheepskinHave you invested your hard earned cash into pricey sheepskin goods only to become disappointed when they gather dust and grime? Have you ever wanted to know how to clean sheepskin boots properly? Don’t let cleaning sheepskin intimidate you, just follow these quick and easy steps to get your sheepskin boots back on track and looking brand new.

What is Sheepskin?

Sheepskin is produced when a sheep’s hide is removed and tanned with the fleece intact to create a pelt. Naturally hypoallergenic, this material is a staple in high fashion community and is commonly used to produce shoes, coats, belts and boots. Sheepskin can also be found in home goods and is usually available to consumers in the form of rugs, coverlets, and blankets.

Sheepskin and Washing Machines Don’t Match

While your instincts might lead you to throw your soiled sheepskin items into the washing machine, please try to resists the temptation! Machine washing your favorite UGG boots and other sheepskin products will surly result in disaster and might even damage your items beyond repair. For best results, is better to hand wash your sheepskin materials with a sheepskin cleaner in order to avoid introducing your items to harmful detergents and sulfates. Also, never spray your sheepskin goods with household cleansers and avoid using soap and washing powders containing enzymes or bleach.

Light or Heavy Cleaning

You will need to clean your dirty sheepskin products differently depending on how soiled they are. Some dirt might only require spot or light cleaning, while severely soiled product may require you to purchase sheepskin cleaner. To spot clean your uggs, spray on a light coating of sheepskin cleaner and gently use a damp sponge to wipe way the excess dirt and grime. For a more heavy duty cleaning, wipe off excess dirt with a dry rag or brush and spray with sheepskin cleaner or mild soap designed for sheepskin.

Sheepskin Cleaners

There are a variety of sheepskin cleaners available on the market. These 3 are very popular on

Pedag Suede, Sheepskin, Nubuck, Leather and Textile Color Care Kit

This multi functional kit is perfect to keep your shoes, boots, clothes and even furniture in perfect condition. It contains: 1 suede color care which restores the color and also repels dirt and water, 1 suede brush which removes dirt and restores the leather nap and 1 suede cleaner that removes spots and marks. Within the product page there is a good instruction and tips on how to clean sheepskin with this cleaner. This kit goes for around $14 and gets a 4,5 star rating (max 5) from 3 customer reviews on

Bearpaw Sheepskin & Suede Care Kit

This kit contains a cleaning brush, water and stain repellent and a cleaner and conditioner. Protect your sheepskin with the water and stain repellent from the elements of nature, dirt and stains. Use the cleaner and conditioner to remove existing stains and spots and give your sheepskin a new bright look! This kis goes for around $30 and has a 3 star rating (max 5) from 1 customer. This customer gave this average rating because there was something wrong with the package once he opened the box. Overall good product, little bit expensive.

Ugg Sheepskin Care Kit

Because Ugg Australia knows that many people are confused about how to clean sheepskin, they’ve developed a line of cleaning products for their popular Ugg footwear line. The UGG Cleaning Kit includes: cleaner and conditioner, a special brush for brushing away excess dirt, sheepskin water repellent, a scuff eraser and sheepskin refresher. This kit goes for around $20 and gets a 4 star (5 max) rating out of 135 customer reviews! There is also free shipping on this deal!

Homemade Sheepskin Cleaners

While consumers can certainly purchase products to clean their sheepskin products, many might also be interested in homemade sheepskin cleaners as well. If you’re opposed to buying pricey specialty cleansers, try a vegetable-based cleaner instead. These types of cleansers can be purchased at your local health food or natural living store. Fore best results, mix the vegetable-based cleaner with an equal amount of water to dilute the formula for use on your sheepskin products. You can also opt for liquid castile soap, instead of pricey specialty cleansers because it’s both chemical-free and biodegradable. If your sheepskin product has grease stains, try sprinkling on a little dry cornstarch to quickly absorb the stain. Add a sprinkling of baking soda to the inside of your boots to remove unpleasant smells and orders.

Drying and Protecting Sheepskin

After cleaning your sheepskin items, allow them to air dry in a well-ventilated space and then follow with an application of sheepskin protector spray and conditioner. There are a variety of protector sprays made especially for sheepskin products. These 3 are popular on

Ugg Australia Stain and Water Repellent

This 6oz bottle is priced at $8 and comes with free shipping. Excellent product that easily sprays due to it’s spray cap. If you want to to protect your sheepskin uggs from all elements this is the one to buy! Notice that this product isn’t applicable with all uggs! Only use it on classic, ultra, solvang, slipper and kid’s collection uggs. The product gets 5 stars (max 5) out of 7 customer reviews.

Scotchgard Leather Protector for Suede and Nubuck

This protector comes in a 7oz can and is oil and water repellent. It works prefect if you want to minimize salt stains. While it isn’t a protector for sheepskin, it is used by many customers for their uggs. Scotchgard claims that the product is fragrance free and will not change the feel of the leather. Priced around $10 and a 4,5 star rating (max 5) from 14 customer reviews.

Bearpaw Water and Stain Repellent

This 8oz protector from Bearpaw comes in an easy to use bottle with spray cap. It will protect suede and sheepskin from water, dirt and stains. It’s a little pricey because they go for around $20 a bottle, if you compare it with the sheepskin cleaner kit from Bearpaw you’ll notice there’s only a $10 difference. In my opinion you can better buy the kit (contains a 4oz bottle) if you’re looking for a product that cleans and protects sheepskin. On the Bearpaw protector get a 5 star rating (5 max) from 1 customer.

How to Clean Sheepskin Slippers, Boots and other Footwear Video

In this video from you’ll learn how to care for sheepskin footwear. While the spokesperson in the video only informs you how to clean uggs, you’ll can take these tips to clean other sheepskin footwear. The actual demonstration begins at 2:17.

It’s obvious that the best sheepskin cleaner for footwear is the ugg care kit (around $20), below you can buy this kit instantly from or