How To Clean Knit Uggs

how to clean knit uggsDo you own a pair of knit ugg boots that need to be cleaned? Perhaps something spilled on one of your boots or maybe they are just dirty from every day wear and tear. In this article you’ll learn how to clean knit uggs in a couple of easy steps.

Before we start we want to give you this tip! Never put your knit ugg boots in the washer or dryer. This can ruin the structure and cause the fabric to stretch beyond repair. The fabric may also pill or fade if you try to wash your ugg boots in a washing machine and the fabric could shrink in the dryer. It is best to take the time to learn how to clean knitted uggs properly, so that your uggs will last for a long time.

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Clean Your Knit Uggs in 4 Steps!

  1. First you will need to select a cleaning product. You should choose a gentle cleanser, such as Woolite, or buy Ugg brand cleaner. Both of these cleaners are safe to use to clean your knit uggs and will not cause the colors to run or fade. You can find Woolite in almost every store or online on places such as You can purchase an ugg cleaner in a shoe store but you’ll find the best deals online.
  2. If you only have one small spot on your knitted uggs that needs to be cleaned, it may be best to just spot clean that one boot. You can add about a teaspoon of Woolite or ugg cleaner to a cup of water and use a washcloth or rag to clean the spot. Do not over scrub or rub the material too hard, as this may cause wear or pilling of the material. When you have finished spot cleaning, you should let the uggs air dry before you wear them again.
  3. Cleaning knit uggs is not difficult, but it does take a little patience. If you need to clean the entire boot, you should clean them both at the same time. Use a bucket or your kitchen sink and fill either with about a gallon of warm water. Add about one cup of Woolite or ugg cleaner to the water and soak your ugg boots in this mixture. You can hand wash your uggs like you would any delicate. Be sure to rinse the boots thoroughly with warm water when you are finished washing them and take care not to wring the material out too much or you may stretch the knit.
  4. Once you have learned how to clean knit uggs, you will need to know the proper way to dry them. You should stuff the knit uggs with white paper to give them shape while drying. Do not over stuff the boots, as you do not want them to dry too loose. You can place them in front of your heater vent if you want them to dry faster, but make sure that they are at least a foot away from the vent. Once the paper is wet, pull it out and replace it with more paper every couple of hours until the boots are completely dry. Don’t use newspaper because the ink from the paper can get into your uggs, damaging them.

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