Are Uggs Waterproof?

are uggs waterproofIf you have ever contemplated investing in a pair of cozy, fashionable uggs, you may have wondered, “are uggs waterproof?” Although you may think they are because so many people wear them in wintry, even snowy conditions, many of the most popular ugg boots are not waterproof.

The most commonly seen of the ugg models on the streets are the short and tall Classic boots. These boots have a rounded toe box and a flat sole. The ugg Sundance boots, which also come in short and tall versions, are similar to the Classic, but have stylish shearling trim, a slightly trimmer profile and heavier lug soles. Another popular model is the Bailey Button boots, which also looks similar to the Classic, but has a button accent and a top that can be folded down. All of these boots are lined with shearling and because these boots are made of suede, they are not waterproof and can be irreparably damaged if worn in very wet conditions.

How to Make Your Uggs Waterproof

To protect your pricey ugg boots, it is wise to invest a little money in some relatively inexpensive waterproofing spray. A number of these easy-to-use suede protectors are available through, including Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Spray-on Footwear Treatment. This protector, when sprayed on your suede Uggs, will help protect your boots from wintry weather.

Another waterproofing spray that can be purchased through is Granger’s G-Max Footwear Universal Waterproofer. This protector comes in a pump spray and can be used on Ugg models made of leather, suede and nubuck.

Ugg makes its own suede and sheepskin protector, as well. Ugg water and stain repellent protector for sheepskin and suede is available alone or in a ugg care kit that includes a conditioner, cleaner and a brush.

Applying any of these protectors is typically easy. Generally, you will want to generously spray clean or new boots with the leather protector. The waterproofing spray can have a bit of a strong odor, so it is best to apply them to your boots in a well-ventilated room, away from heat sources.

Uggs Aren’t Suitable For Extreme Weather Conditions

Although these inexpensive sprays will help keep your boots safe in moderate winter conditions, it is still not wise to slog through extremely wet conditions. For instance, a pair of Ugg Classic boots that were treated with a waterproofing spray were still left a sodden mess when worn during the aftermath of the blizzard that hit New York City in December of 2010. The deep puddles of slush combined with the corrosive salts used to melt the snow completely ruined the boots.

Are There Uggs That Can Stand Wet Weather Conditions?

waterproofing uggsFor those days when you want the warm comfort of shearling enveloping your feet, but don’t want to worry about ruining suede boots, buy the Ugg styles that are offered in leather such as the Adirondack Boot II and the Bellvue II. These boots are typically more stylish looking than the Classic short and tall boots and won’t get ruined in wet conditions. Many consumers are unaware of the extensive selection of leather Uggs that are available, assuming that the only Uggs available are the Classic versions.

The Adirondack Boot II is lined in sheepskin, but has a waterproof leather upper. It is built like a hiking boot. If you are looking for a more stylish model that can be worn to work, try the clog-based Lynnea boot or the motorcycle-influenced Bellvue II. Both of these boots come in suede and leather models. The suede versions of both these boots are made of Ugg’s Silkee Suedes, which have been pre-Scotchgard treated. However, it does not hurt to give these boots an extra coating of waterproofing spray, as well, for added protection against the elements.

Are Uggs Waterproof Video

Check out this step-by-step instruction video from Jordan Landes-Brenman, she uses the ugg care kit available on and for around $20, see link at the end of the post!