How to Clean Uggs

Ugg boots are amazingly soft and cozy, but they show dirt and wear very easily. Are you hesitant to clean your ugg boots because you’re not sure how to do clean them and you definitely don’t want to ruin them? Well, we’ve the answer for you! Read our easy instructions on how to clean ugg boots.

Good to Know!

If your ugg boots are in need of a good cleaning, it is a simple process. Don’t throw the boots into a washer or dryer. It will probably completely ruin them.

Supplies You Need:

There are several methods for cleaning your uggs, we recommend you use the offical ugg care kit. If you want to know alternative methods to clean your uggs, you can goto this page.

  • Ugg Care Kit, around $20 on (buy here)
  • 2 new, clean sponges, $2
  • Clean, plain paper or white paper towels, $3

Cleaning Your Uggs is Easy!

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do after purchasing your ugg boots, before you wear them, is to apply the sheepskin protector. The best defense against dirt and grime is to prevent it from happening at all. The protector acts as a sealant to your ugg boots, but will not stop all soiling from occurring.
  2. Start by using a damp, clean sponge, one that is saturated but not dripping, and apply it to the boot, making the entire boot wet. Start from the top of the boot and work down to the bottom, rinsing the sponge often as you go.
  3. Next, dilute the ugg cleaner and conditioner with water and applied to the footwear with the damp sponge, scrub the entire boot surface. Make sure you don’t apply the ugg cleaner directly to the boot. Scrub the entire boot, taking care to put extra time and effort into problem areas or stains. The more time you take on this process, the better your ugg boots will look in the end.
  4. Once the boots have been scrubbed and cleaned all the way, you’ll need to rinse them thoroughly. Using the second clean, damp sponge, rinse the boots, starting from the top. You will also want to rinse your sponge several times during the rinse process in order to clear as much grime as possible. This will take some time to guarantee that all the dirt and all of the cleaner has been removed.
    When the boots have been completely rinsed, you’ll notice that much of the original shape has been lost. Have no worries, their shape will be restored during the drying process.
  5. Stuff both of the boots with crumpled up, clean paper, making sure to fill the entire boot from toe to top. The paper’s form will allow the boot’s shape to return as they dry.
    Don’t put ugg boots out to dry in the sunlight or by a forced air supply such as a heating vent. If you do this, the ugg boots will dry too quickly and the sheepskin will crack.
    Put the boots away and let them dry for about a day, making sure they are completely dry before you attempt to wear them again.
  6. When your ugg boots are completely dry and clean, they will not look exactly the same as new. To spruce up their appearance, use a suede brush, which is included at the ugg care kit or buy one on Using the brush, gently brush the entire surface of the boots, working in one direction. This will restore the nap of the sheepskin and make them look as close to new as possible.

The Result!

how to clean uggs

How to Clean Uggs Video

We’ve searched for a good instruction video on and we’ve found this video from, you can skip forward to 2:17 where the actual demonstration begins. The lady uses a official ugg care kit to clean the boots.